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Introduction to the Evitts Family

Be just and fear not - Evitts Family Motto⁠1

Interestingly, metronymic forms are rarely found as modern surnames, where the name derives from the name of the first bearer's mother, since most medieval cultures were patronymic. Other variations of this surname can be found as Evetts, Evitt, and Evatts.

Perhaps our most intriguing and mysterious ancestor, Dovye Jane Evitts was born September 29, in the year 1881. By the time she arrived on planet Earth, her family had already been shaped by time, by the horrific events of a volatile period of history, by unimaginable loss, by the steadfastness of loved ones, and even by their well-tested faith. There were many failures, and a lot of defeat. Yet there were triumphs as well. Through the efforts of those who came before her, and with much blood, sweat, and tears, a way was made for Dovye to find her place—in life, and in the hearts of those who knew and cherished her.

A poor half-breed child, her mere existence testifies to the struggles of a young and growing nation—one that wasn’t always kind or tame in its bold pursuit of freedom.

To gain a better sense of her life, I looked to her family. Here are some of her ancestors’ stories.

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