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As far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by history. Some of my earliest memories reveal my interest in the family heritage. Over the years, I’ve relished the stories shared by older relatives, and grieve the loss of stories I’ve forgotten.

Our ancestors faced many challenges—some they were able to overcome; some, sadly, took the best of who they could have been.

But who were these men and women whose lives put together made mine?

They were explorers, wanderers, pioneers, innovators, warriors, politicians, farmers, soldiers, entrepreneurs, managers, laborers, teachers … and so much more.

Contemplating the journeys these individuals forged give cause to consider the significance of a legacy—including my own.

The following is a compilation of stories I’ve pieced together using oral family history and research. I’ve taken it a step further though, as it is hard to get a feel for what someone is like without taking into account their life’s circumstances. Therefore, I have sought to tell my ancestors’ stories through the history they lived. I will admit to having made some assumptions at times, based on circumstantial evidence … hence my employing the term “stories.”

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23 de jan. de 2021

I love it!!!

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